A climate impact journey that
starts from within (project web site)
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An Antler Sthlm 2022 Start-up


Climepact will guide people, companies and society in the spirit of hope, compassion and rewards to impactful climate behaviour and actions @work & @home.

Climepact will simplify and communicate true stories and consequences about the climate crisis in a way that resonates with people on an emotional level.


Based on behavioral science, virality & data driven tracking, Climepact will provide climate impact programs and technology aimed at enterprises, municipalities, schools and society.


Climepact seeks strong partners who shares our vision and can make concept accelerate and amplify.

Climepact shall maximize legitimacy and involvement through its ownership and governance structure.

Learn more. Send us a mail on: contact@climepact.com

A climate impact journey that starts from within

Reflection & Self Assessment

Me and the climate - what can be my role and contribution ?

Setting goals

I accept the problem

I have set my personal ambition and plan

Actions & connections

I make my contributions

I feel peace of mind

I feel empowered to do more and inspire others

Programs tailored towards different segments

Enterprises & Municipalities

Organisations green transition depends on engagement and climate conciousness among managers and workforce.

Coach, nudge and track climate behaviour on individual level @work and @homes


Engage teachers and students with inspiring and technology driven learning nudging and training
Create viral effects between and beyond schools


Direct and viral distribution of climate engager app and content towards population.

Involve Influencers Sport clubs and NGO’s to reach out on a broad scale

Climepact App - building blocks

Personal onboarding

Mentors helping

Data driven tracking

Share with friends

Rewards & certification

– In the same way apps are helping people living healthy or making monthly savings we will help and coach people towards climate consciousness and actions
We will make an app that is built on the deepest insight in how our brains are wired and how reasoning, nudging, data and incentives can push intent over that cliff of action.


We are already a team that over the last months have fleshed out unique use cases and features for the app.
Moving into next phase our product shall be challenged, tested and polished in a real user environment. 
We are currently establishing a Product Advisory Board. What we seek is experts in the field of ux/design, behavioral science and digital learning. 
We are also seeking pilot customers and test groups for ongoing product iterations and improvements. If you are interested please contact us at: contact@climepact.com

Tailored programs for broad distribution and synergies



Value Proposition Enterprise

Example Enterprise Program

Open source, joint ownership and
legitimicy - the recipe for massive distribution

Climepact is a non-profit organisation

Initial funding shall come from associated partners such as government agencies, altruistic organisations, and large corporates

Multiple distribution channels shall secure fast scale, synergies and impact

Open source and joint content database (films and facts) for global scale consistency across regions (same content and stories)

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Anders Börde

Founder of Moblrn - Mobilized Learning, Experience in startups, SaaS Platforms and B2B sales

Daniel Kjellen

Silicon Valley B2C operator with 20+ years building & distributing Fintech products

Miriam Markus Johansson

Environmental Legal Expert, CEO Holohouse

Mikael Broms

CTO, Software Engineer Founder Last Planet

Tipping Point - Lets go'

As much as we shall fear biological tipping points, we shall welcome the societal tipping point. The tipping point when climate engagement and actions have spread from activists (early adopters in business terms) to mainstream. When momentum is picking up and new norms are spreading throughout the entire population.
Climepact is an initiative, with the ambition of building something strong and sustainable. Something that works, something that last, something that has the maximum of legitimacy. Something that can make impact for real. Something that push, expands and amplifies towards tipping point and beyond.
Climepact is a non-profit organisation. We are already a handful entrepreneurs, experts and companies that drives the initiative.
Now is time to scale up. So whether you represent a large corporation, government agency, altruistic driven financiers, or just want to contribute with your expertise in our efforts of making change, then please get in touch with us for more information about the Climepact Initiative, and see how you can be part of this tech-driven impact movement. contact@climepact.com

Through shared awareness - collective actions will finally happen

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